Jewish Learning


Here you will find a wide range of resources on Reform Judaism and Jewish life as well as useful information for synagogue voluntary leaders and staff.

Torah and Bible Study

Navigating the Bible II – the best source for Torah texts – in Hebrew, English, transliteration, Hebrew (using Torah fonts) – with Parashah summaries – and downloadable tunes for chanting from the Torah

Mechon-Mamre – includes English and (very good) Hebrew versions of the whole Jewish Bible (Tanach) – Torah, Haftarot, Writings, Megillot, etc. An amazing resource. Includes pages with Hebrew and English together, and recordings (MP3) of the Torah being read in (Sephardi) Hebrew.

URJ – Torat Chayim (Living Torah) – Readings and interpretations for each portion of the Torah – with archives going back several years.

URJ – Shabbat Family Table Talk – themes, comments, interpretations and queries on all the Torah portions – aimed at older children – but interesting for adults too.

Sefaria – Online library of Jewish texts, with a variety of translations.

Jewish Information & Study Material

My Jewish Learning – a key resource to anything Jewish, as it has so much information – food, culture, tradition, music, Torah study, Jewish history, Israel, Jewish Philosophy – you’ll find something on it here (also has structured self-learning modules and an on-line forum). American.

Jewish Family – an on-line magazine format – with interesting and topical articles (especially about dealing with issues of conflict between our secular and Jewish lives – American).

Rabbi Natan Cordozo – an Orthodox Rabbi (much respected by the Chief Rabbi) – but with many alternative and interesting views which may surprise you – read some of his lectures here.

Jewish Books – a suggested reading list – fiction and non-fiction – with notes and questions on each (ideal for challenging your perception of a Jewish book – and for book clubs!) – from URJ.

UK Jewish Film Festival – following our liaison with UK-JFF, two films will be coming to the Showroom in March 2009. Check out the film details here.